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Why don't you join us?

Montpellier is constantly on the look-out for people brimming with talent and enthusiasm, at many levels of experience, and even if we are not recruiting at the exact moment that you write to us, the chances are we will be before long!

Excellent media relations and writing skills are a dead-must, as are good interpersonal and client skills and a 'can-do' attitude (oh and fearlessness of dollops of hard work too!). Not much, eh?! So if you're up to it and you're interested in joining our team, please send your CV and a cover letter to...

Guy Woodcock (Chief Executive) (email preferred)

Oh, and if you are a graphic designer or web developer, our sister companies will be interested to hear from you too. Why not start by sending your CV to me in the first instance.

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If you are a student and you are interested in carrying out an exciting work experience at Montpellier, please have a look at our Internship Zone