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Vanguard attends Medica.

Montpellier kicks off International campaign for Vanguard Healthcare at Medica Conference

Montpellier PR has paved the way for Vanguard Healthcare to enter the lucrative European media through a press and media campaign exhibiting at Medica, Dusseldorf for the first time on 18th November.

Medica is the world's largest medical trade fair, held annually in Dusseldorf. Germany. The exhibition is known as a leading international meeting point for people in the medical field across the world.

The international campaign for Vanguard kicked off at Medica, with the exhibition of one of Vanguard's multi-million pound mobile operating theatres on display in Dusseldorf.

Vanguard Healthcare is the world's largest supplier of mobile operating theatres and day surgery units, with 38 units, the Vanguard mobile fleet is the largest of its kind in the world and are now available to hospitals across Europe.

Dubbed the "National Fleet" among UK healthcare professionals, it includes mobile theatres, wards, clinics, endoscopy and day surgery facilities.

Tom Short, handler of the Vanguard Healthcare account said: "Medica was a great opportunity for Vanguard to exhibit their mobile operating facilities and extend into new target markets on an international level.

We were pleased to be involved in this exciting opportunity for Vanguard and hope to support the company through their ambitious strategy in breaking into the international markets."